Steps For Returning Patients

Although the process for returning patients differs widely, here are some general steps most patients take

  • Testing Time

    Before leaving the office during your first visit, you will be told whether a second visit will be necessary or not. Hopefully there won’t be, but should a second appointment be needed, the time between the 1st and 2nd visit will be used to test the biopsy sample for harmful cells.

    • We’ll send you the lab results and other sensitive information through our secure patient portal.
    • If you did not create an account previously, please call our office (208-777-1320) to receive your security token in order to be able to create an account with NextGen.
  • Second Visit

    During the second visit, we will discuss any issues that might have been found by the testing and decide if further testing should be pursued or if a treatment method should be commenced.

  • Further Testing or Treatment

    There are as many treatment methods as health issues and together we will decide to pursue further testing or undergo a treatment plan specific to your condition and situation.

    • We highly encourage patients to learn as much as they can about their conditions and the treatment methods we agree upon together. Please refer to our Resources tab for further information and links to good resources elsewhere online.